What’s triblend fabric? Why it is very popular?

Why the triblend t shirt is pretty hot? When my client seek advice for choosing material to do a regular t shirt, I am sure to recommend it. If you were ask me why, I would tell you that a triblend tee is the softest thing you’ll ever touch.

As you might have guessed from the name triblend, the blend of the shirt is made of three different fabrics. While a regular t-shirt is 100% cotton, triblend tees are 50% polyester 25% cotton 25% Rayon or 50%polyester 38% cotton 12% Rayon, which makes them softer. Kinda like a fancy t-shirt that runs a little bit smaller and have more stretch to them. Our triblend t shirt also did a special technology and washed them, let it feel very comfortable.


What about printing on a triblend t shirt?

Does this different triblend material mess up graphic designs printed on it? Not really. There’s a little bit of color variation between triblends and cotton shirts, but the differences are small. If anything, triblends make designs look a little bit better. You can look the photo we customized for our clients.

So there you have it: the softest tee material ever, the triblend. Below is our triblend color swatch, these colors material is ready-made, the moq just need 120pcs/color.

Triblend T-shirt

100% cotton t shirt


If you want to do other any colors, we can dye it as per your pantone color code. For 50% polyester 25% cotton 25% Rayon triblend material, the customized color moq is 2000pcs/color. If you needn’t so large quantity, we suggest can choose 50%polyester 38% cotton 12% Rayon, the moq would be 500pcs/color. The customized color swatch service can be free.

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Post time: Jan-20-2021